Welcome to Bard Real Estate

We are an internationally recognised property consultancy firm which deals in sales, evaluation, feasibility studies, plant and machinery valuations, property management and other advisory services


“To establish effective business networks and structure our resources in a manner that allows us to aggressively deliver innovative, customized and highly competetive real estate services”.


Our valuation staff has wide experience countrywide having valued properties in Zimbabwe since 1979. Our key experience areas have been:

    • Listed companies
    • Parastatals
    • When listing on the stock exchange
    • Multinational companies
    • Financial Institutions
    • Oil companies
    • Manufacturing companies
    • Houses
    • Hotels

Plant And Machinery Valuations

Bard Real Estate has the capacity to perform plant and machinery valuations.
Key performance areas are:

      • Construction companies
      • Signage companies
      • Parastatals
      • Manufacturing
      • Multinational companies
      • Oil companies
      • Telecommunication companies

Management Team

Bard Real Estate Management Team:
Bard Real Estate employs 18 people who are specialists in all the key functions of the company. i.e. property management, plant and machinery valuation, Franchising, building valuations and accounts. Below is a brief resume of the Managing Director.

Boysen Mutembwa - Managing Director

Holds a Bachelor of Property Administration at the University of Auckland, MSC in Real Estate at the University of Pretoria South Africa. He qualified as a Chartered Valuation Surveyor in 1996. He has more than 25 years experience in the property industry. BPA (Auck), Msc Real Estate (UP), MRICS, FREIZ, REAZ.

Ashley Mataka – General Manager (Southern region)

(NDREE (SA), LREIZ, REAZ) He isa registered agent and valuer with more than 12 years in the property and construction industry. He has experience in quantity surveying, property management, property valuations, project management and property development. Currently he is the general manager of Bard Real Estate (Southern Region) in our Bulawayo office and has been with Bard for more than 6 years.